Channel Manager

The Channel Manager is a system that directly connects you to the most important online sales portals (IDS), allowing you to control and manage the availability of your tourism product in online distribution channels, speed up product updates on the Internet and increase your distribution network on the leading booking platforms.
The Channel Manager is completely integrated on the RHOv8 online sales tool, providing you with complete control over the sales of your product online from a single interface, thus saving valuable management time.
By using our Channel Manager interface, you can handle aspects such as rooms (room groups) and rates, plus have a new Yield Management feature and be able to distribute the product as quickly and securely as possible using the establishment's availability plan and Quick Update.
The main features are:
  • Practical management of rates and rooms on all the distribution channels at the same time.
  • All bookings are displayed on a single interface, giving you complete control over availability.
  • An alert system ensures you that all channels have been assigned sufficient availability, thus helping to prevent overbooking and underbooking.
  • Automatic rules, which can be created using the template system and groupings.
  • Automatic price calculation of rooms whenever changes are applied.
  • The streamlining and reduction of the workload of revenue management.
  • Results analysis, with statistics and graphs on the daily, monthly and annual sales per channel and establishment.

Channel Manager

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