Vila Dos Orixas

Morro de São Paulo (Brasil)

Vila Dos Orixas

Vila Dos Orixas is a small boutique hotel on the paradise island of Morro de São Paulo, with an excellent rating on –it is the second best in the town.

The hotel’s goal was to increase their direct online bookings, and slowly moving away from their OTA-dependence model. Thanks to a global positioning strategy, a new website, and the integration of GNA Hotel Solutions’ booking engine and channel manager, Vila Dos Orixas achieved their goal.

Currently, the percentage of direct bookings in relation to OTA bookings is higher, and it increases every day.

  • New website design and development
  • Integration of our RHOv8 Booking Engine
  • Integration of our RHOv8 Channel Manager
  • Integration of marketing tools: newsletters and satisfaction surveys
  • Online marketing strategy: SEM (PPC campaigns) and SEO (organic positioning)