Suite RHOv9 is the largest booking system worldwide,
simplified for you.

Manage and market your hotel online thanks to our all-in-one booking platform.
Suite RHOv10’s tools will simplify the distribution of your rooms, it will provide you with the most relevant data from your hotel and from your competitors as well, so you can build and adapt a successful sales and marketing strategy.
Booking engine, channel manage, pricing comparison, smart notes, newsletters, business intelligence… 
And much more, all in just one platform!



More direct bookings, less commissions

Our booking engine is ideal for all types of accommodations, from hotel chains, individual hotels or apartments to hostels or small boutique hotels.

RHOv10 booking engine is a completely responsive, developed for all devices, multi-language, multi-device and multi-user booking engine for all hotels.

Our booking engine is prepared for virtual POS payments and it has a PCI Security Standards Council certification for payment gateways.

  • Responsive.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Easy management for rates, availability, allotment, restrictions, etc.
  • Multi-language.
  • Multi-device.
  • Safe: PCI Security Standards Council certification.

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Quick multi-channel distribution and management

The Channel Manager is a direct connection system, which allows you to control and manage your rooms’ availability throughout all your online distribution channels.

The Channel Manager is fully integrated in the online booking system RHOv10, which makes it very easy for you to sell and distribute your hotel rooms both on your website and throughout more than 70 distribution channels

  • Global view of your all your bookings in one platform.
  • Complete control over your overall availability.
  • Easy management of rates and rooms for all your distribution channels.
  • Alert systems that help you prevent under- and overbookings.
  • Reduction and optimization of the revenue manager’s workload.
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Prove that you have the best price

The OTA Price Check is a widget that allows your clients to view an OTA comparison with different prices.


With this tool, you will be able to show your users that the price on your official website is the cheapest, and this will increase the number of direct bookings on your site.

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Reduce the exit rate to other websites.

Increase conversions from your website.

Show all advantages of booking direct with you.


Show automatic messages on your website

The Smart Notes widget allows adding relevant information for each user that will later be displayed as a pop-up window meanwhile doing a research or during the reservation process.


This marketing tool is useful for showing significant information for each user, with the aim that finally decides to book his stay in your inn. 

  • Raise the conversion in the reservation process
  • Show automatic messages based on the website activity (such as, “There are x users looking at this hotel right now!”).
  • Create your own notes to emphasize the advantages of booking direct (such as, “Free cancellation until 24 hours prior to check in”).

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Do not let any more bookings go away

Win back old or lost customers and encourage their loyalty using all Suite RHOv10 marketing tools.


Our marketing tools are built to influence the user at the right time and drive them to complete their booking in your hotel’s website. 

  • Customer Recovery
  • Last search
  • Pop-up windows
  • Newsletters
  • Satisfaction surveys
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Manage your influence online

The Online Reputation tool gives you the chance to efficiently control and manage your online reputation on the main review sites and social networks.


Thanks to the comment and opinion tracking on Booking and TripAdvisor, this tool makes it easy for you to follow-up on your reputation as well as your competitors’. 

  • Monitor your hotel’s opinions and ratings in real time.
  • Define categories and classify positive and negative reviews.
  • Compare your hotel reviews with your competition’s.
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Analyze your former, present and future prices according to room type and number of nights.

Study your competitors’ pricing strategy to determine yours.

Compare your prices with your competitors’ for any given period of time.


The most efficient pricing tool

With RHOv8’s pricing tool, optimize your hotel’s pricing strategy. Pricing gives you information based on your competitors’ rates so you set the right price for your product in the market. 

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Analytics and revenue management
for your hotel

Optimise your hotel’s online sales based on indicators like average room price, average rating, sales per country, booking anticipation, average days of stay, availability, etc.

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Find out your Best Online Selling Price.

Maximize your revenue management.

Implement an efficient pricing strategy, based on the knowledge of your competitors’ prices.

Start increasing your direct bookings now!