Revenue Management Tools

Analytics and revenue management for your hotel

Revenue Management Tools

Maximise the benefits of your hotel thanks to Revenue Management

The main goal of Revenue Management is to maximise the benefits of your hotel.

How? By using powerful analytical tools that can predict your customers’ behaviour, by monitoring your and you competitors’ availability and prices, and by gathering data that indicates how to optimize your room prices.

At GNA Hotel Solutions, we can offer you them all.


Pricing is a powerful tool that gathers data about your competitors’ prices (from the rates on and it compares them to yours in a calendar and dynamic graph.

Pricing also shows your former, current and future prices according to room type and number of nights, in order for you to evaluate your competitors’ commercial strategy so you can focus on your pricing strategy and revenue management.

  • Competitors’ pricing analysis based on data from
  • Real time information.
  • Possibility of monitoring up until 7 competitors.
  • Prices according to room type and number of nights.

Highest Online Selling Coefficient

The Business Intelligence feature includes the CMCI tool. CMCI stands for Highest Online Selling Coefficient in Spanish, and it allows you to learn the highest price at which you could be selling your rooms.

The Highest Online Selling Coefficient is key to optimize your Revenue Management. It brings valuable information and it helps you define a competitive pricing strategy based on your competitors’ prices.  

  • Maximise your Revenue Management.
  • Define a competitive pricing policy.
  • Analyse the current situation of your hotel.
  • Define future online selling strategies.


Use our tools to get the most out of your hotel.

Why should you use a Revenue Management strategy for your hotel?

  • Because you need to improve you pricing strategy.
  • Because you need to strengthen your most cost-effective booking channels.
  • Because you want to adjust your rates according to your customers’ purchase behaviour.
  • Because you want to increase your hotel’s occupation.

Are you ready to make the most of Revenue Management?